Flush Mount Wedding Albums

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Artella flush mount wedding albums are compromised of top quality materials and craftsmanship. The Artella line of wedding albums include; Classic Black, Promenade, and the enVision collection. Each collection has been crafted with a specific bride in mind.

There are some things you just do not compromise on. When it comes to flush mount wedding albums, Artella always includes Leather, Protective UV Coating, and Linen Texturing. Our covers are always made from high quality top grain leather ensuring a smooth and elegant feel. Each photograph is UV Coated to further saturate the color pallet and add depth. The UV Coating also serves as a protective finish, extending the life of the wedding album for many years by repelling liquid, finger prints, and UV rays. Finally, each page is lightly linen textured to provide a rich and luxurious feel between each page. This is the hallmark of an Artella flush mount wedding album. The difference is in the details.

Uncompromising craftsmanship and quality materials is just the beginning. Because we feel strongly about creating the best flush mount wedding albums, all “options” are included. Each collection offers its unique options that compliment the style of album. For Classic Black, you can add a 5 inch image window for no additional charge. For Promenade, the options are almost limitless. Choose between two image window styles, album inscription, and duel toned leather options. Choose one, or all three options. There is no additional charge. In the enVision collection, you can choose from Acrylic, Metal, or Photo Wrap covers accented by the leather of your choice…and it’s included at no additional charge. We want to create a wedding album you’re going to be proud to offer.

Wedding Photographers who are passionate about their work, are passionate about their wedding album. Your choice of wedding album makes a statement. Define your style in an Artella flush mount wedding album. After all, it’s your image.

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